Hi, I'm Jonathan Todd, proud owner of My Bounce House Guy LLC!

What matters the very most to me is quality of customer service. This focus on customer service shows up the most in our communication, our quality, and our selection.


Communication - My phone is constantly ringing. My inbox is constantly "beeping". Sometimes I will miss 4 or 5 calls just while being on the phone with just 1 customer. However, despite the high volume of business (and the fact that I want to personally be able to assist every customer), customers are always pleasantly surprised that I take their time seriously!  I call/text/email people back as soon as possible which most of the time is within 5-10 minutes and thats IF I happened to miss your call in the first place. This is all because I understand that I'm dealing with people with busy lives. You have limited time to place an order for your event, and I respect that.


Quality - Unfortunately, the bounce house industry in South Florida is not known for its quality. Why is that?

Rental rates for South Florida are some of the lowest in the nation. As much as 300% - 400% lower than many other states. This means that its simply hard to survive as a bounce house company. South Florida residents get the benefit of paying way less for inflatables, but they are also having to deal with many companies that are always trying to find a corner to cut. What do I mean? Some people that I rent to did not even know that a bounce house was supposed to look "shiny"! All they have ever rented was worn out (& sometimes very dirty) bounce houses. I even had a customer one time that was absolutely amazed that he actually got the same bounce house that he ordered! He said that he had rented bounce houses 3 times from 2 different companies, and every single time, the bounce house was not the one that he ordered. So then he just assumed that it was normal to get the wrong bounce house! This is why I mentioned on the first page of this website that the reason behind our tremendous growth has been repeat customers and customer referrals. Very simple stuff: People use us once, love us, and tell all their friends about us because we strive to provide quality that is outstanding!


Selection - One of our biggest competitive advantages is our huge selection. Why pick from 5 or 8 inflatables when you can pick from over 125? We are the largest inflatable provider on the Treasure Coast, and we put up with all the storage and warehouse challenges because we have found that our customers love being able to choose from a variety of products. It's just more fun that way! For our repeat customers, it also makes it easy to get a different bounce house every time. We love hearing you compliment us on our selection, because we do it for you!


I have immensely enjoyed being apart of the thousands of events here on the Treasure Coast in the last few years. Thank you for voting with your reservations that you appreciate our service. Thank you for all of your verbal and written thank-you's for the level of communication, quality, and service that we provided. And as always, feel free to contact me if ever you have any suggestions on how to improve our service.




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